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Economic Empowerment for Women

About Economic Empowerment for Women 

EEW assists women from the geographic and social periphery of Israel who possess entrepreneurial spirits but lack access to suitable business training and bank credit to develop small businesses of their own, gain self-sufficiency, and alleviate the cycle of poverty they have found themselves in.

Established in 2000, we aim to bring about social and economic change for women in Israel by assisting them in reaching economic independence through small businesses ownership. With a feminist approach and priority shown to women from Israeli society's most vulnerable communities, EEW works towards advancing policy change and offers support services to a variety of women.

Programs and Services

A Business of One's Own

A Business of One's Own, EEW's flagship program and a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and business training in Israel, is a yearlong program in which the participants, primarily from the geographic and social periphery, receive business training and undergo a process of personal empowerment.  

Business Support Services

Business Development Services, provided over five years, are aimed at growing existing businesses and increasing personal income. Services include advanced business training and industry related seminars; Business Incubation; Business marathons; computer trainings; regional business forums; financial orientation and business coaching, both one-on-one and in small groups.

Economic Empowerment for Women programs
Community Partnerships

EEW is located in Haifa and runs programs throughout the country. These programs are run in cooperation with local municipalities, government agencies, NGO's, and foundations that provide loans to small businesses and work in the field of economic empowerment and women. These partnerships are very valuable to EEW and enable us to reach hundreds of women every year and help them begin businesses of their own.

How to Support us

Most of our activity is made possible by the kind support of foundations, businesses, and private donations from Israel and abroad.

We invite you to join our donors and help support women in Israel on their way to economic independence.

Our Graduates

Since it's establishment the program has served over 5,000 women from underprivileged populations in Israel, among whom many have been ultraorthodox, Arab, new immigrants, single parents, or women over 45. We have run our programs in over 85 locations and played an active role in establishing and growing over 1,800 small businesses.

 Sima Bayumi

 Mini Market Owner

 Naomi Hershkowitz 
Stained Glass Artist and Studio Owner

 Ibtisam Rates

Beauty Salon Owner

Umaya Said RIP
Pastry Chef

 Ibtisam Phares

Clothing Store Owner

 Avishag Amir

Yoga Teacher and Puppeteer

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Economic Empowerment for Women
Haifa, Israel
Tel. 972-4-852-0027

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