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How Your Donation Can Help Low-Income Female Entrepreneurs

Business of One's Own

A business training and personal empowerment course for 20-25 women

About the Program

The program is aimed at helping a group of economically marginalized women in Israel improve their situation through empowerment training. Business of One’s Own promotes the women’s belief in themselves and their capabilities, and provides them with the business knowledge and skills needed to develop their own micro-enterprises and reduce their vulnerability and poverty.

How Does Your Donation Help? 

Funds a course that helps women establish their own enterprises by combining empowerment training with business skill development. The program consists of 120 hours divided between weekly large and small group meetings, one-on-one consultations, and relevant site visits and business seminars. During the course, the women receive lectures on topics such as building a business plan, marketing, branding, and financial management. They also participate in workshops to develop self-confidence, visit successful businesses, and participate in EEW conferences and seminars.

The funding costs: $22,000

Regional Business Forum

 A business training for 30-40 EEW graduates

About the Program

To help micro-enterprise owners improve and expand their businesses to reach new and more sophisticated consumers by improving their organizational, financial, marketing, networking, and professional skills.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds a yearlong program that includes eleven large and small group meetings, personal business consultations, site visits, seminars, and conferences.

The funding costs: $10,000

בוגרות התוכנית עסק משלך

To bring about economic change for women in Israel through a multi-level approach including: small business development, a broadening of public policy, and the development of need-specific programs for diverse populations. EEW is a feminist organization committed to assisting women from disadvantaged sectors of society.


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On-site Visit

 A business training for 30-40 women

About the Program

To expose participants to professional skills in a hands-on fashion, and to show them successful businesses of both EEW graduates and well-known Israeli business owners in relevant fields.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds a daylong visit to several businesses. (how many participants?)

The funding costs: $2,000

Business Marathon

A daylong workshop for 70-90 EEW graduates and participants

About the Program

To provide participants with advanced professional training in technology, marketing, and finance planning and to allow an opportunity for the women to get to know each other and establish networks amongst themselves.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds the daylong seminar with lectures and roundtable workshops in a central location suited to participants' needs.

The funding costs: $10,000

Financial Orientation                          A financial planning course for 15-20 graduates

About the Program

To enable women to understand the financial terms, tools, and institutions needed for running their businesses and their homes.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds a ten-session course explaining the basic financial terms and tools necessary for beginning and running a business and saving for the future.

The funding costs: $5,000

Technology for Business

  A computer course for 20-30 EEW graduates and participants

About the Program

To help micro-enterprise owners reduce their intimidation from and gain greater understanding of the possible uses of technology in running their businesses.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds a ten-session computer course teaching the basic uses of e-mail, internet, and "office" programs.

The funding costs: $3,500

How to Donate

To support the work of Economic Empowerment for Women, you can make a tax deductible gift through:


UIA - Via Jewish Federations

PEF - Israel Endowment Funds

accepts donor-advised gifts on behalf of Economic Empowerment for Women. Please indicate clearly that your check is donor advised to support "Economic Empowerment for Women" and make your check payable to the PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc. and send it to:
PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
630 Third Ave., Ste. 1501
New York, NY 10017
(212) 599-1260

The New Israel Fund accepts donor-advised gifts on behalf of Economic Empowerment for Women. Please indicate clearly that your check is donor advised to support the "Economic Empowerment for Women" and make your check payable to the New Israel Fund and send it to:
New Israel Fund
PO Box 96712
Washington, DC 20005 The New Israel Fund asks that checks be made out for a minimum of $100(smaller amounts are permitted for honor and memorial gifts).

Online through Israel Gives

"Round up" online. For Israeli credit card users only. With every transaction you make on your credit card, your bill will be rounded up to the nearest shekels, and the change will go to the charities of your choice.

If you have made a donation through the New Israel Fund or the PEF, please send us an email at with your gift details.


Contacting us directly by phone or email to make a donation or be advised of other ways to donate:
contact Claudia Goodich-Avram at
or by phone 972-4-852-0027, ext 4.

  Social Media Seminar

A seminar for 20-30 EEW graduates and participants

About the Program

To help micro-enterprise owners increase the income from their businesses by improving their organizational, financial, and marketing skills with the help of technological tools.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Funds a four-session course on the use of Facebook and other social media networks for marketing and advertising.

The funding costs: $1,500

Programs and Services

A Business of One's Own

A Business of One's Own:  EEW's flagship program has pioneered the field of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment and business training in Israel. A Business of One's Own is a yearlong program in which the participants, mostly from the geographic and social periphery, receive business training, and undergo a process of personal empowerment.  

Business Development Services

Business Development Services are provided over five years to grow existing businesses and increase the personal income earned from them. They include advanced business training and industry related seminars; Business Incubation; Business marathons; computer trainings; regional business forums; financial orientation and business coaching, both one-on-one and in small groups.

תכנית עסק משלך עמותה להעצמה כלכלית
Community Partnerships

EEW is located in Haifa and runs programs throughout the country. These programs are run in cooperation with local municipalities, government agencies, NGO's and foundations that provide loans to small businesses and work in the field of economic empowerment and women. These partnerships are very valuable to EEW and enable us to reach hundreds of women every year and help them begin businesses of their own.

How to Support us

Most of our activity is made possible by the kind support of foundations, businesses and private donations from Israel and abroad.

We invite you to join our donors and help support women in Israel on their way to economic independence.

Our Graduates
Since its establishment, EEW has served over 5,000 women from underprivileged populations in Israel, including ultraorthodox, Arabs, new immigrants, single parents, and women over 45. Activities have taken place in over 85 locations, and EEW has played an active role in the establishment and growth of over 1,800 small businesses in a variety of fields.
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Economic Empowerment for Women
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